Carver Information

April 12, 2019

Dear Carvers,

There is much excitement brewing as the 2019 Chainsaw Carvers Rendezvous approaches. This year is promising to be one of the best! 20 years we’ve been celebrating the art of chainsaw carving.

It’s been and incredible adventure. We’ve met so many wonderful carvers from all over the world. This art form has opened many doors in the exploration of wood sculpting. We’ve all met each other and quite a few others too.

As you know the dates are April 25-28 at the former Motion Control building on Gillis Avenue. Previous Rendezvous’ were held there.


20 Gillis Ave, Ridgway, PA 15853

Through Main Street to the fourth light and turn left onto Gillis Avenue

Check-in and Setup:

  • Please check-in as you arrive. We don’t want to chase you down.
  • You can arrive on Wednesday between 9 and 6 to set up.
  • Carvers will be placed in a spot by a crew member. Please wait to set up until you have your location. Please be mindful as you setup to leave enough room for others.
  • Carvers that aren’t registered will not be eligible for the prizes. Please check-in and get a shirt.
  • If you are bringing a camper, please call 814-594-5541 to let us know ahead of time. It will help with placement. Much appreciated!

What to Bring:

  • Safety Netting
  • Generator (if you require power)

Additional Notes:

  • Please help by pushing scraps and sawdust to the front for easy clean-up. There is a limited crew and your assistance is appreciated.
  • Bring planks if you are making a bench. Although Hud-Son will be there with their saw mill, they will be demonstrating for the owners of the lot.
  • There will be security Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights. Even with security, the Rendezvous and Appalachian Arts is not responsible for lost or stolen items or damages incurred at the event.

Free Breakfast:

There will be a free breakfast at Joey’s Bakery on Friday morning starting at 7:30am for all carvers


There will be three prize categories. The judges for the first two categories will be the carvers. Each registered carver will get one vote for each category.

  • $1000 for the best piece brought to the event. “Homemade”
  • $1000 for the best piece carved at the event. “Showmade”
  • $500 People’s Choice

Prize money will be awarded at noon on Sunday.

Again, thank you all for coming and hope we all have a great time.

The Rendezous Committee

Dear Carvers,
It is with much excitement that I am writing this letter!
Recently the Rendezvous committee had a meeting with members of the town and, like you and the public, they would like to see more carving for 2019. That being said, we worked together to develop this year’s event. Here are some important things to know:

  • The announced dates are the same! April 25-28
  • The event will move from downtown to Gillis Ave.
  • Previous Rendezvous have been held here, but the building has had many improvements made to it.
  • There will be a 75 carver limit. The committee can accept or reject any application
  • We will have vendors, live music, and more for the public to enjoy
  • Carvers will be able to camp on location or secure their own lodging

The first 75 carvers who apply, pay a $100 registration fee, and are accepted will get:

  • 10x20 space for carving and selling
  • One 8 foot log to carve during the event
  • T shirt

Carvers can keep or sell their piece from the event! It’s your log to do what you wish. There will be no auction.

There will be prize money for a couple categories. Details for how voting will happen for these categories will be announced.

Our grounds crew is limited; carvers will be responsible for their own carvings and sales. Including the loading and unloading of carvings.

The Rendezvous is back!


Just a few of the carvers attending in 2019

Zoe Boni Dussia

Zoe Boni Dussia

Scotty Gleason

Scotty Gleason


Richard Hamilton

Korey Annis

Korey Annis


Thanks to our sponsors