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Common Questions

How many carvers are participating? Where are they from?

There are over 60 carvers participating in the 2018 Rendezvous.

United States - 61
Canada - 2
Germany - 1
United Kingdom - 1

United States carvers are attending from: Arizona, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Missouri, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Washington, and Wisconsin.
Over 30 carvers are from Pennsylvania alone.

Where is the event happening?

The event takes place in downtown Ridgway, PA. All activities will take place around the courthouse. Check the schedule for the most up-to-date listing of activities.

Are carvers selling pieces during the event?

Yes! Carvers are selling directly to the public at their booth. These are finished pieces that are ready for display in your home. Payment methods vary from carver to carver, so be sure to ask. Most carvers are accepting credit or debit cards these days. Bring a vehicle suitable to take your selections home.

What is a Quick Carve Demonstration?

There will be four Quick Carve Demonstrations; two on Friday and two on Saturday. Carvers start with a plain log and have the allotted time of less than one hour to make something from it. Multiple carvers participate at the same time so they feed off of each other’s energy as well as the energy from the crowd. Carvers have the option to sell their quick carve piece at the end of the demonstration if they wish. The names of carvers who are participating during each time slot will be available Friday morning on the website’s event schedule.

Who is Dave Love and what is the collaborative carving being done to honor him?

The Rendezvous will be honoring Dave Love, a longtime resident of Ridgway who also started the Tri-athalon (also happening the same weekend), with a collaborative totem pole carving. After the Rendezvous, the pole will be installed near the Clarion-Little Toby Rail Trail trailhead, which Dave was instrumental in helping in its conversion from a rail line to recreational trail.

What awards are being presented during the event?

There are three award categories in which carvers will be participating: Husqvarna People’s Choice, Stihl Carver’s Choice, and Appalachian Arts Social Media Choice. After walking around the Rendezvous, the public is encouraged to visiting the Appalachian Arts Information Booth as cast their vote for their favorite carver. They should also visit the Rendezvous’ Facebook page to like their favorite carver there as well. Carvers will vote for the other award. Awards will be presented at the conclusion of the last Saturday Quick Carve Demonstration.

Are there other activities happening during the event?

The Ridgway YMCA‘s Tri-athalon is also happening the same weekend as the Rendezvous. We hope the public will enjoy both events.
We’ll have musical acts throughout the weekend. Check the schedule for times and performances.

What happens if it rains?

The event is rain or shine. Of course we’re hoping for shine!

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Carver Awards

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