Brothers Rick & Randy Boni are responsible for the idea of the Ridgway Carver’s Rendezvous. With the help of their wives, the brothers decided to gather a few friends and family members with the intention of carving designs and figures into wood with chainsaws. The event was small and simple, but would set the stage for this annual event.

After the second rendezvous, Rick and Liz Boni took up the reigns to organize the event, with the help of two of Rick’s brothers, when Randy and his wife moved away from the area. The event has since flourished, growing from a small friends and family gathering to become an event that hosts hundreds of carvers annually and has gained worldwide acclaim.

In addition to being a master carver, Rick is an accomplished painter and musician, and Liz is a master organizer. Together, they also own Appalachian Arts Studio, a local artists retreat located on Boot Jack Mountain, where you can order custom designed chainsaw sculptures or browse the pottery and carving studio. You can even try your hand at throwing a pot! More information about classes can be located on the studio’s website.

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Questions, comments, or general inquiries can be directed to the Appalachian Arts Studio.

PO Box 554 | Ridgway, PA 15853